Universal tools

Quality and versatility in precision tools

Highest efficiency at the best quality – that should be your claim. With our universally applicable tools we ensure that the machining quality as well as the tool life for milling, drilling, threading, or turning meet the levels that you require.

We are aware that the requirements of our customers vary greatly. Thus, we offer for almost each metalworking task the suitable tool solution.

The carbide grade TF PO41 15 is the allrounder for turning

More components with less costs

This carbide grade is especially interesting for contract manufacturers of smaller batches and individual parts. Due to the lower consumption of insert and the elimination of frequent tool changing and the associated set-up times, enormous cost savings can be achieved, especially in contract manufacturing.

The carbide grade F PO41 15 is universally applicable in steel and stainless steel. In the development of this grade, we focused particularly on turning heat-resistant materials. In customer application, stainless steel of the type 1.4301 as well as the C45 and 1.2379 could be machined with long tool lives.

The TF PO4115 is available in various shapes and chip breakers for medium and finishing operations.

Our insert drill bodies

Effective production of larger drill diameters in mass production

Especially in mass production, a look at the costs is a must. From a drill diameter of 14 mm insert drills offer an enormous economic advantage. They are versatile and convince with cost-efficient and process-reliable machining.

The drill bodies enable very good surface values of Rz 6 to 7.2 and minimum position deviations of 5 μm. The smooth chip removal, the targeted cooling and the optimised flute size are a guarantee for high process reliability.

Our indexable inserts-drill bodies are available in the diamater range 14 mm to 40 mm and in the lengths 2xD, 3xD, 4xD, and 5xD. Intermediate sizes are available with delivery time. Please feel free to contact us!

The universal XPMG-indexable inserts, tailored to our drill bodies, facilitate tool management. They can be positioned both internally and externally and all four cutting edges can be used. They are suitable for machining steel and cast iron as well as stainless steel.

Indexable inserts – Milling

Higher efficiency and profitability

Also for insert milling we offer universal tools that you can rely on. In our range of insert milling cutters you can find a wide range of inserts and holders suitable for universal use. Optimise your procedures: smaller tool inventories, fewer different inserts, a nevertheless consistent quality – here the focus is on cost efficiency.

That all enables our carbide grade TF PU61 30 with maximum tool life suitable for various applications: from finishing to medium machining to roughing. Being universally applicable they achieve very good results in a wide range of materials: from steel and stainless steel to cast iron and non-ferrous metals to titanium alloys and high-temperature resistant materials.

Find out more about the diversity of our inserts for milling here.


Universally applicable threading tools

Precisely fitting threads, higher precision, high reliability

The workpiece is almost finished, now only the threads must be produced. A small mistake or tool breakage at this step could ruin the entire previous value creation.

To avoid this precision tools have to be developed that are universally applicable and make more performance and longer tool lives possible.

Especially for this purpose we have developed our PM-machine taps with hardlube coating. They are with or without internal cooling in three different tolerances (6XH, 6GX, and 2BX) available and suitable for diverse machines. Thanks to an innovative geometry, they are in almost all materials universally applicable: steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium alloys, and especial nickel alloys. Finally, our HSS-PM taps convince not only with an exceptionally high hardness but also through highest cutting performance and 30% up to 70% longer tool life.

Whether internal or external threads, whether metric thread, whitworth or NPT, our inserts for threading guarantee the process reliability of this last step in your manufacturing. They are universally applicabe in steel, stainless steel, and cast materials and are available in all common sizes and pitches.

Take full advantage of our threading tools!

Universally applicable solid carbide drills and mills

Highest precision, best results

Not only our drill bodies but also our solid carbide drills ensure uncomplicated product choice and reduced tool diversity, thanks to their universal applicability in steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminium.

Our solid carbide high-performance drills are particularly powerful and have higher cutting speeds, feeds, and tool lives. They are also available in an INOX variant.

Find out more about our solid carbide drills.

So diverse that the applications and usage areas in milling are, are also our milling tools for machining various materials. Our range of milling tools extends from end mills to finishing and roughing mills to radius and torus end mills, from especial tools to all-rounders.

You get all our first-class milling cutters in a high quality solid carbide version. These are just some of our universally applicable end mills:

  • The solid carbide end mills of the 35382, 35402, and 35502 series for finishing and roughing. The 35502 can be used for full flute milling as well as for trochoidal machining. Very high metal removal rates, tool lives, and smooth running.
  • Our powerful trochoidal end mills available also in an INOX-titanium variant. Compared to solid carbide milling cutters, trochoidal milling makes cost-reduction and immensely higher productivity possible. Please also read our whitepaper in this regard!
  • The universally applicable roughing end mills of the 20450, 20452, and 20454 series in short, standard, and long version. Ideal for low-power machines, with a very high cutting capacity up to 1.5xD into the full.
    • Our universal three-fluted cutter for roughing and finishing. Also available in an INOX-titanium variant. Ideally suitable for shallow cutting depths through their minimal protective chamfer.

Here you can find more information about our solid carbide end mills of the professional line.

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