Rotary burs

Our catalogue Rotary Line offers a broad range of TC burs – from double cut to aluminium cut. In addition to the standard types, we also offer a number and variety of combination types in a wide range of lengths and diameters. Our burs are used in a wide variety of industries, including foundries, deburring cells in mass production, tooling, aerospace and medical.

Our carbide burs are perfect for deburring, chamfering, plastering and for machining surfaces or weld seams. The tool best suited to your requirements depends on the specific conditions of your application. We gladly assist you in this matter offering our competent expert advice.

That makes our burs stand out

We attach great importance to providing tools of high and consistent quality. Our carbide burs provide an excellent tool life – optimum interaction of shape and cut allows for achieving best results.

The optimum geometries and flute designs of our burs ensure minimized wear when machining a variety of materials. In addition, the good operability and the removal rates make our burs the first choice for your manufacturing task.

Cut type

We offer the right cut for each requirement – different materials require different cut types. In our standard program, for example, we have five different cut types for any application that allow you to machine aluminum, cast steel or hardened materials in a safe manner. Products from our standard program are available from stock.
If additional performance features are required, our special flute designs might be the right solution for you. With their material-specific high-performance geometries, they deliver optimum results in terms of cutting performance, surface finishes and tool life.

Shape and application

Besides the cut type, the shape is another important consideration in order to achieve perfect results. For this reason, we offer not only the standard lengths and shapes, but also special combinations that make changing tools a thing of the past.

Our standard shapes include:


We offer our combinations in different designs:

Regrinding for excellent cost-efficiency

Our carbide burs stand for high quality and performance. For you to take full advantage of the cost efficiency of your burs, we offer a professional regrinding service – regardless of the manufacturer. Our experts check every order and decide whether reconditioning is worthwhile.

Get the most out of your tools!

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Unsure which products best fit your needs? Do you need more information? We gladly provide our expert advice on how to optimize your machining processes or help you develop individual machining strategies! Simply contact us.

Please refer to our catalogue for detailed information on our rotary burs.

If our catalogue program does not provide what you are looking for, we will be happy to manufacture the right tool to meet your specific requirements. Please let us know how we can assist you. Together we will develop the precision tool that is exactly suiting to your specific demands.


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