Indexable inserts & drill bodies

In machining, keeping an eye on expenses is essential – for even more effective machining in series production, indexable insert drills offer a significant economic advantage: As of a drill diameter of 14mm, it is recommended to critically compare solid carbide tools and indexable insert drills. The inserts, made of high-quality carbide, have a long service life and less wear. When worn, the inserts can be easily replaced without having to replace the entire drill – another plus point.

Our solid drills are convincing:

  • Optimised design for vibration reduction
  • Very good surface values of Rz 6 to 7.2 and minimum position deviations of 5 μm
  • Suitable for stationary and rotating use and machines with low drive power
  • The special cutting geometry of the inserts reduces the cutting forces – this leads to a lower load on the machine and a longer tool life
  • Stable inserts with optimised shape of cutting edges and chipbreakers
  • Easy tool change and high economic efficiency: In case of wear, only the inserts have to be replaced and not the entire drill body

Insert drill bodies

Our range of Flexible Line insert drill bodies covers all diameters from 14mm to 40mm – available in 2xD, 3xD, 4xD, and 5xD lengths. They are versatile and feature cost-efficient and process-reliable machining. With their innovative design, they are extremely sturdy and offer a high degree of rigidity, for best results in terms of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing and surface quality. The targeted coolant supply and the optimized flute geometry ensure smooth chip removal.

Watch our drill body machining 16MnCr5 and 42CrMo4:

The XPMG series of indexable inserts series

We offer the XPMG series of indexable inserts tailored to these drills. They are highly durable and suitable for universal use in steel, cast iron and stainless steels. They can be placed in internal as well as external positions with all four cutting edges ready for use. The optimized shape of the cutting edge allows good chip formation and chip removal.

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We also provide resharpening and coating of your tools using the latest technology to obtain a tool life equal to that of a brand-new tool. We regrind all your tools, no matter of which manufacturer.

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