Regrinding ­service

Precision tools are in constant use and are expected to deliver the highest level of performance. Due to high stresses, even the most durable tools for machining processes will wear out. We do not only supply the suitable solution for your machining job, but also offer you a professional regrinding service. Resharpening ensures that the tools’ performance is maintained far beyond their original lifetimes and allows customers to fully leverage the profitability of their tools, while saving on the cost of early replacement. In fact, most tools can be reconditioned several times allowing for even greater savings and less waste of resources. We check each order to determine whether reconditioning makes technical and/or economic sense. Milling tools reconditioned by us provide near original tool life with maximum process reliability. We resharpen drills, end mills, trochoidal end mills and burs, regardless of the original manufacturer. You will get your tools back in full condition with original grinding and coating. We offer our regrinding service for standard tools, but also for our special tools tailored to your needs. Contact us for a quote or for further information.

The following figures demonstrate the possible cost-savings through using our regrinding service.

On the one hand you see the costs of purchasing a precision tool for four times anew. On the other hand the tool is bought once and regrinded a total of three times. The performance of the regrinded tool is almost identical to that of the new one

We recommend to regrind cutting tools a maximum of three times. Since otherwise severe changes in the geometry of the tool, weakening of the base substrate, and thus significant reduced performance are to be expected.

In the first diagram, you see an example of our high-performance end mills of the 35382 series in diameters 6 mm, 12 mm, and 16 mm. Here a savings potential of 34%, 56%, or 59% respectively can be achieved by regrinding.

The second diagram visualises the cost difference between purchasing a new tool and regrinding our solid carbide TC trochoidal end mills 37151. Also here the benefit for customers is similar. When regrinding the tool in diameter 6 mm, you can count with savings as high as 30%. For the diameters 12 mm and 16 mm, 48% and 56% resepctively.

Here is how:


Step 1

Request your regrinding box. The integrated foam inserts in the regrinding box ensure an easy and safe transport of your tools.

Step 2

Securely pack your tools in the box before shipping them to us.

Step 3

Once we have received your tools, we will check your deliveries to determine the nature and extent of the reconditioning required, as well as the economic viability.

Step 4

We regrind your worn tools and also have them re-coated (on request), regardless of the original manufacturer.

Step 5

Within approx. 10 working days, we will deliver your tools back – even coated tools – as good as new!

Fast and efficient – only five steps to a reconditioned tool

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