Hss end mills

The range of our HSS end mills includes high-quality tools as an option to solid carbide tools. It also includes special designs such as mini end mills and PM end mills in the HSS Line if price-consciousness is a matter for you or to help solve problems arising from extremely difficult machining situations.

HSS-PM end mills

The series 35382 tools are not only made of solid carbide, but also available as HSS-PM types. Our HSS-PM end mills from the PM-35382 series feature, inter alia, unequal helical pitch/helix angle for high-performance workpiece machining under difficult conditions. Our HSS-PM end mills have much less fragile cutting edges compared to solid carbide end mills, allowing a workpiece to be machined under the most diverse conditions, such as burnt-out workpieces that have a hard and scaled surface layer and are made of a tough material underneath. Still, our HSS-PM tools allow high cutting values to be realized in a process-safe manner.

HSS end mills for aluminium

HSS end mills

HSS roughing

HSS and solid carbide profiling cutters and shell end mills

In addition to our end mills, various types of profiling cutters and shell end mills made of solid carbide or HSS round off our assortment.
Please refer to our catalogue for detailed information on our HSS Line end mills.

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