We provide a wide range of drill bits and a variety of versions, covering all common applications in the industry.

Our solid carbide high-performance drills span a wide array of different materials and are therefore suitable for universal use. So, users can expect straightforward product selection and less need for different tools. The straight main cutting edges and the reinforced geometry provide an optimal chip breaking and the highest level of process reliability.

Where deep hole drilling is required, we can provide you with our deep hole drills up to 40xD in accordance with the hole depth. Applications include various machining tasks, such as the machining of drill rods for oil production and in different industries such as medical technology sector and mold-making.

The smallest tools require the highest standards. Our smallest drills from a diameter of 0.8 mm feature high drilling performance and self-centering, even under less-than-optimal conditions. They are available in 4xD, 7xD, 8xD IK and 15xD IC lengths.

While our high-performance solid carbide drills are designed for special metalworking challenges, our indexable insert drill bodies are suitable for effective production of larger bore diameters in series production.

We are always committed to providing the highest quality of tools and machining tasks, both from the drill tip and the cutting edge to the shank and from the smallest to the largest diameter. While quality is crucial, other factors are also important in achieving highest level of precision and best drilling results. Whereas optimized geometry enhances productivity by improving centering and enabling higher cutting data, internal cooling ensures longer tool life. Finally, coatings customized to the application contribute to better chip transport and lower friction.

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