In our assortment we offer all common drills in different variants. This means that all customary areas of application can be covered.

Our solid carbide high-performance drills cover a wide range of different materials and are therefore suitable for universal use. For the user, this means uncomplicated product selection and reduced tool variety. The straight main cutting edges and the reinforced geometry ensure optimum chip breaking and maximum process reliability.

When it comes to deep hole drilling, we have our deep hole drills up to 40xD in our range for you. They are used for various machining tasks and in different industries such as medical technology and mould making.

Where the smallest tools are required, the highest demands are made. Our smallest drills from a diameter of 0.8 mm convince with high bore qualities and good self-centring, even under less than optimal conditions. They are available in the lengths 4xD, 7xD, 8xD IC and 15xD IC.

Master special challenges in metal machining using our high-performance solid carbide drills. In addition, our indexable insert-drill bodies are suitable for effective production of larger bore diameters in mass production.

We always pay attention to the highest quality: in tool and cutting task, from the drill tip to the cutting edge to the shank and from the smallest to the largest diameter. Not only quality, but also other factors are decisive in achieving the highest precision and the best drilling results. While optimised geometry increases productivity by improving centring and enabling higher cutting data, internal cooling ensures longer tool life. Finally, coatings adapted to the application contribute to better chip transport and lower friction.

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