End mills

Milling is one of the most versatile machining operations in metal cutting. Our end mills provide the highest material remove rate and best tool life for any application. From all-rounders to specialists, we offer you suitable milling tools for your machining task, whatever the application. We provide you with an extensive range of tools for highest precision, excellent finish, high process reliability and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to perform virtually all milling tasks with efficiency and reliability.

Our high-performance solid carbide end mills are perfectly suited for roughing and finishing. Modern geometries with unequal pitch and unequal helix make them ideal for HPC, MTC and trochoidal machining. Depending on the application and material, our solid carbide end mills are available in various designs.

As an alternative to solid carbide tools, we offer high-quality tools made of HSS and HSS-PM. While our economical HSS end mills offer very good performance and good tool life, our HSS-PM end mills feature significantly higher process reliability, longer tool life and cutting speeds.

Finally, our inserts and insert holders for milling top off our range of milling tools. We provide a large assortment of face-milling cutters and square shoulder cutters with the corresponding indexable inserts and holders.

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