Indexable inserts &
insert holders

Our range of indexable end mills includes face-milling cutters and square shoulder cutters. We offer a variety of versions for the most diverse machining tasks along with the suitable indexable inserts. The milling heads are very stable and can be used at high cutting speeds. All inserts and holders for milling have targeted internal cooling.

Efficient face-milling with our milling heads

Face milling is the most common milling operation and is used to produce flat surfaces. It can be performed with different milling heads, depending on the application.

Our eight-flute SNEU inserts, for the MR145 series face milling cutters, are suitable for various applications: From finishing to medium machining to roughing of aluminium and aluminium alloys, steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.

That’s why our face milling cutters are the right choice:

  • Due to their wide face chamfers, our face milling cutters allow for the best surfaces
  • High cost efficiency due to double-sided stable inserts
  • High process reliability due to optimum internal cooling
  • Particularly smooth running due to unequal pitch

Best results for shoulder milling

Shoulder milling is used to produce two surfaces at the same time. It is an efficient method to save time and costs, as side and end faces can be machined at the same time, thus saving several work steps. When producing flat shoulders with true 90° angles or precise contours, our high-performance shoulder milling cutters are used. In order to make an optimal choice and achieve the best results, the application-specific requirements must be precisely taken into account.

To match our shoulder milling cutters and end mills of the MR290 series, we offer the six-flute WNGX inserts for medium machining up to roughing of the material. They are universally applicable in a wide range of materials: from steel and stainless steel to cast iron and non-ferrous metals, titanium alloys and HTAs. The MR290 series is available both as an end mill and as a slip-on milling cutter.

This speaks for our square shoulder cutters:

  • High economic efficiency due to universal applicability and simultaneous machining of several process steps.
  • Best concentricity and axial run-out due to high precision of the insert seats
  • High process reliability due to optimum cooling and thick, stable inserts.
Please refer to our catalogue for detailed information on our indexable inserts and holders for milling.

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