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TOOL FACTORY Catalogue diversity

In our Mono Tools Catalog you can find detailed and technical information about our drills as well as the diversity of our mills in various models. 

In our Flexible Line Catalog you can inform yourself about our indexable inserts and holders for drilling, thread turning and milling.

Our HSS-PM high-performance taps, applicable in a very wide range of materials and our HSS-E-machine taps particularly interesting for individual manufacturers.

The Rotary Line is our comprehensive range of burrs. We have the optimal tool for almost every machinig task. Our burrs are being used in a wide variety of industries.

Achieve the best results through the best possible interaction of shape and gearing! See for yourself!

TOOL FACTORY Brochures and flyers

Since 1995 we have been developing precision tools for machining from durable and high-performance cutting materials. The ever-increasing challenges you face, drive us to improve steadily.

In our Image Brochure you can find out, how we support you with all your machining tasks.

Our carbide grade TF PO41 15 for turning is especially interesting for contract manufacturers of small series and individual parts.

It is universally applicable for machining steel, stainless steel, and heat-resistant materials. Lower costs through reduced consumption of indexable inserts and omission of changing tools is another advantage of the TF PO41 15.

New comers in milling and turning – From the new end mills of the 3540x series with top performance in mass production, to the price-performance winners of the 35449 series for high-performance milling, to new carbide grades and extension of our insert drill bodies to larger diameters in depths from 2xD to 5xD. 

Find out more about our new developments.

Machining stainless steels or high-temperature alloys always presents manufacturing companies with major challenges, including poor tool life.

This is precisely what we focused on when developing our solid carbide end mill 35405 – achieve 200% longer tool lives when machining high-temperature alloys and even 300% longer tool lives in stainless steels.

High-Performance alternatives for your milling inserts – achieve higher efficiency and more profitability with our universally applicable insert milling cutters.

in this flyer you can find an overview of the compatibility of our inserts for milling with those of other manufacturers.

Are you looking for high-performance alternatives for your turning inserts? Would you like to know which inserts for turning from Tool Factory can be used instead of which inserts from other manufacturers?

In this flyer you will find an overview of the compatibility of our inserts with other manufacturers.

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