Our industry

Every industry has its specific requirements for precision tools, materials and results. With our many years of experience in machining, we know the different challenges and offer standard and special tools and solutions to suit your individual needs.

Our tools are used in general engineering, the automotive industry, and the energy sector, among others. In our range of products you will find:

  • Milling cutters, drills and indexable inserts for the precise machining of titanium, aluminium and GRP
  • Miniature tools < 0.5 mm
  • Burrs for various applications
  • and much more.

When standard is not enough – special tools for specific requirements

Standard tools are often not enough, especially for specific industry applications – this is where a special tool can offer concrete technical or economic added value. When it comes to developing custom-fit solutions according to your specifications or technical drawings, you can benefit from our years of industry knowledge. Because: With precisely fitting special tools, you can maintain the high quality standards.

If you have a specific application or are not satisfied with your current results, feel free to contact us! Together we will find a suitable alternative.



No doubt, the automotive industry is one of the sectors that is undergoing the greatest technical changes. Due to alternative drive technologies, the automotive industry features new challenges. Design developments on the body and drive technology for electric vehicles also require new tool concepts.

As a result, there is a growing demand for creative machining solutions for manufacturing process-optimized components. For this reason, cooperation with a reliable competent supplier, capable of offering and developing high-quality cutting tools is becoming more critical than ever before. In close cooperation with you we will help you design the precise tool solutions required your specific


From oil, gas, to wind power, we provide you with dedicated tooling solutions that help you manage your machining tasks more accurately and efficiently – from traditional to advanced materials such as CFRP, nickel-based and titanium alloys. In the energy industry, the size of components and the specific requirements in this sector often call for special solutions. We are at your side and ensure optimal technical solutions through our comprehensive expertise.


The aerospace industry is characterized by extremely complex specifications in terms of precision, high process reliability, exact dimensional accuracy, excellent surface finishes and specific materials. High-tech and innovative solutions are vitally important to cope with these exceptionally complex tasks. In this sector, too, we draw on our years of experience along with our technical expertise for your benefit.

Mechanical and plant engineering

The mechanical engineering sector features unlimited fields of application and a wide array of tasks. We offer you the right tool for your needs, whatever the material and batch size. For each application, we will discuss the specific task with you in detail to help you find the optimal tool.


Medical technology

The healthcare sector in particular must comply with strict specifications and regulations. Tool quality and precision are of utmost importance when developing high-quality, reliable products for the medical technology sector. Benefit from our first-class types of cutting tools and carbides as well as from special solutions tailored to your specific requirements for the production of implants, prostheses, and technical equipment.

Precision engineering

The smallest tools require the highest standards. Accuracy, prevention from dimensional deviations and high carbide quality are some of the demands, precision engineering places on cutting tools. Our “Mono tools” range includes micro drills – a key tool in precision engineering – from a diameter of 0.8 mm. We also stock a wide variety of solid carbide micro-milling end mills with a diameter of < 0.5 mm in different designs such as end mills, torus cutters and ball-nosed end mills especially for micro-machining. Be sure to expect maximum performance!

Casting plants

Our customers in the casting sector also benefit from a wide range of cutting tools to help them cope with their production. Our extensive selection of various high-quality burs at excellent prices has proven to be of outstanding performance. Learn more.

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