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Trochoidal milling: reduce costs, optimise processes

What is trochoidal milling? In this application, the cutter moves forward in a constant circular path with a constant wrap angle. Trochoidal milling cutters have a long cutting part that makes it possible to achieve cutting depths of up to 5xD. Dynamic trochoidal milling uses CAM systems to ensure an optimal and effective machining process.

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Compared to milling with solid carbide tools, trochoidal milling realises the possibility of reducing costs and immensely increasing productivity in manufacturing. It shortens the machining process by up to 60% – a massive economic advantage for your workflows. A good reason to find out more about this strategy.

In our white paper on “Reducing costs – optimising processes: Trochoidal milling“, we took a closer look at this type of machining and answered the most important questions. Find out, amongst others:

  • which strategies are available
  • what the tool structure of a trochoidal milling cutter is like
  • what the advantages and disadvantages of this application are

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