Solid carbide drills

Thanks to the use of optimal carbide substrates, our drills feature particularly high performance. In processing, they deliver very good self-centering, high bore qualities and maximum process reliability. Our product range contains a broad variety of solid carbide drills which are suitable for machining the most varied materials. Our solid carbide drills also feature improved cutting speeds, feed rates and tool life.

Universal Solid carbide high-performance drills

Our solid carbide high-performance drills featuring state-of-the-art TiAIN coating, are suitable for universal use across a range of applications and materials.

Solid carbide high-performance drills from the INOX series

For highly demanding machining of stainless steels and high-temperature resistant alloys, we recommend our solid carbide high-performance drills from the INOX series.

Deep hole drills up to 40xD

Our deep hole drills up to 40xD made of ultra-fine grain solid carbide with TiAIN coating ensure the best qualities in terms of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. They offer optimized geometry for optimum chip breaking and high level of process reliability.

Solid carbide HPC miniature drills

Small but high-performance! Even for large drilling depths, you can rely on our solid carbide HPC miniature drills made of ultra-fine grain solid carbide with the latest TiAIN coating, all suitable for universal use. Our solid carbide HPC miniature drills are smart in terms of economy and ecology: They are also suitable for MQL (minimum quantity lubrication). Our miniature drills are available from a diameter of 0.8 mm.

Solid carbide thread repair drill tools

Last but not least, our solid carbide thread repair drill tools help in case a tap should break during threading. This tool allows to drill out the core of the tap quickly and to properly remove the remnants of the tap from the drill hole.

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On request, we also manufacture tools specific to your drawings in order to meet all your requirements. Simply contact us.

We also provide resharpening and coating of your tools using the latest technology to obtain a tool life equal to that of a brand-new tool. We regrind all your tools, no matter of which manufacturer.

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Customer testimonial: click here and learn how EPS Engineering GmbH succeeded in achieving increased process reliability and tool life with reduced process time of up to 30% thanks to our technical expert advice and using our solid carbide drills.

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Please refer to our catalogue for detailed information on our drills.


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