Turning tools

Also, for turning, we offer a wide range of innovative, cost-effective tooling solutions to suit your application – for any material and any turning application. Whether for ISO turning or thread turning: Our precision tools give you maximum flexibility and stability.

Our program of ISO turning inserts, turning holders, and threads offers all common sizes and shapes. Due to their high-performance solid carbide grades in combination with advanced coatings, our turning tools are characterized by the highest material remove rate, the best tool life, and wear resistance for almost any machining application. This ensures excellent process reliability and machining efficiency.

ISO turning tools

Our range of indexable inserts provides a wide range of CVD/PVD coated and uncoated inserts for machining various materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, and super-alloys. Our ISO turning tools will help you tackle any challenge.

Our cermet inserts deliver best results when high surface finishing is required. Extremely wear-resistant, they provide maximum dimensional stability.

Our new high-performance carbide substrates TF CB 22 10, TF CB32 20, and TF CB12 30 for steel working offer higher process reliability at shorter machining times: While grade TF CB22 10 offers a high level of high-temperature hardness and dimensional stability at high cutting speeds, grade TF CB32 20 is characterized by high wear and fracture resistance across a wide range of applications. Finally, the TF CB12 30 grade excels in high fracture strength and stability under difficult conditions.

When selecting the right CVD/PVD coated carbide substrates for machining stainless steel, it is crucial to consider the specific requirements for heat shielding and cutting efficiency. Our product range also includes the right solutions for semi-finishing, medium machining and roughing of stainless steel.

In the field of machining cast materials, we offer optimized CVD-coated indexable inserts. Whether continuous or interrupted cuts, no matter what chip breaker geometries – you can count on the excellent wear resistance and performance of our inserts.

For machining non-ferrous metals, we offer our inserts made from both uncoated and PVD-coated ultra-fine grain solid carbide, to deliver best results.

When it comes to finishing and medium machining of super-alloys such as titanium and nickel alloys, the grade TF PO41 15 is the first choice. This grade excels in performance due to its new PVD TiAIN coating, which offers high wear resistance and the best heat and oxidation resistance.

Negative chip breaker geometries and chip breaking diagrams

Positive chip breaker geometries and chip breaking diagrams

Thread turning

Accurate setting of the cutting tip to the center of the turn is essential to precision threading. Creating a thread should be done in several passes, depending on the size and depth of the thread. For larger threads, the full depth of cut should be divided into several smaller cuts to prevent the thread profile tip of the cutting edge from being overstressed. When performing internal and external thread turning, the following points must be observed, in particular:
  • The feed must comply with the thread pitch
  • Selection of a proper number of threading passes and cutting depths for optimum chip formation and chip control
  • Avoiding vibrations
  • Tool alignment and center height
Chip control and reliable tool life are crucial when selecting the right inserts for thread turning. All-purpose carbide substrate TF PU51 25 achieves the best results when machining the most diverse materials such as steel, stainless steels and cast materials which guarantees high economic efficiency. Our range includes inserts for threading in all common sizes and pitches.

Tool holders

Our broad range of internal and external tool holders with or without internal coolant covers numerous insert types, shapes, and sizes. They are particularly outstanding for a best price-performance ratio.

Our tool holders with internal coolant are equipped with a triple connection option, which supports a flexible use on different types of machinery and ensures a target-oriented cooling. Key advantages of this system are:

  • Better surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the components
  • Higher productivity due to up to 50% higher cutting speeds
  • Higher process reliability due to up to 70% longer tool life
  • Reduction of tooling and machining costs
  • Suitable for all common VDI holders with coolant transfer

Of course, we also offer the appropriate spare parts for each holder.

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