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To achieve perfect results in production, you need powerful tools. For more than 25 years our customers have been benefiting from our high-quality precision tools for machining, and for metal cutting in particular.

We offer a broad product portfolio that provides you with the right solution for all your specific requirements – from the smallest diameter to solutions for machining high-tensile materials, and our service also includes reliable and individual support for complex challenges. Standard products do not always meet the customers’ needs, and we know that. So, we do not only deliver standard solutions, but provide you with customized special tools alike.

Our portfolio includes:


Our wide range of drills is suitable for all standard industry applications. We offer the highest quality tools for all machining applications, from solid carbide high-performance drills to indexable insert drills.

End Mills

With our extensive range of end mills, you can achieve maximum metal removal rates and the best tool life along with highest precision, excellent surface quality, high process reliability and economic efficiency.

Turning tools

Our range of ISO indexable inserts, thread inserts, and holders includes all common sizes and geometrics for maximum flexibility and stability.

Machine taps

For manufacturing precise threads, we offer you high-quality taps.

Rotary burs

Use the optimum geometries and flute designs of our Rotary Line to achieve longer tool life when machining a wide range of materials. We offer a wide selection of burs to meet your specific application requirements.

Special solutions and expert advice

Making sure you can optimize your machining process, matters most to us. We keep up with the times and meet the requirements by using new and advanced materials and machining strategies. Yet, standard solutions do not always perform up to expectations. If your manufacturing requirements are extra-demanding, we can offer you not only high-performance standard tools, but also suitable special tools. Tailored to your specific needs, we use all our experience and expertise while considering all the key variables in the development process to meet your individual demands.

We are dedicated to providing you with a complete support service package. This is why we do not only deliver cutting tools, but also solution-oriented expert advice. Gladly, we advise you on how to optimize your machining processes and assist you in the selection and use of precision tools and elaborate the optimal machining strategy together with you.

Learn more about our expert advice service here.

Use our call-back service to discuss your requirements. Simply contact us.

Delivery assured

With our flexible and fast response to your requests, a high delivery performance of at least 93% and on-time shipping of your orders on the same day and delivery of your goods Germany-wide by 12 noon the following day, we keep up to what we have promised you.

With our spacious warehousing and modern stock management system, we are able to always stock over 22,000 assorted products in our warehouse as well as in our online store.

This makes TOOL FACTORY a reliable partner for all your machining requirements.


Regrinding service

With our regrinding service many worn out high-quality tools can be easily reconditioned. So, we jointly protect our environment, and you will fully benefit from cost-effective and efficient tools. We check each order to determine whether reconditioning makes sense. This means we can assure near original tool life with maximum process reliability.

Learn more about our regrinding service here.

Would you like to use our regrinding service right away? We look forward to receiving your order!

Top quality management to the highest standards

We are certain that our machining solutions will help you make your machining more efficient. Therefore, our high-quality machining solutions are subject to constant quality control. Our competent employees and state-of-the-art technologies and practices underpin our quality management.

To live up to this claim, we continuously develop our products, services, and employees. Since 2017, we have been certified according to ISO 9001:2015 for development, sales, and logistics of precision tools.

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