High efficiency with our new Indexable Insert Drills

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Titanium Line – Special Milling
Cutters for Titanium Machining

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News on the way!

Our new indexable insert drills convince  with a sustainable and extremely good price-performance ratio!


Corona Update

Our office service is available for you again from 08:00 to 16:30 o'clock. Our warehouse will keep on working in two shifts - therefore there may be a delay in delivery of maximum one day. Many thanks for your understanding.


Decision after fire: New building at Linde 9

Since the fire, plans have been in progress to reconstruct the burnt-down company building. The decision for a new building, taking into account optimized workflows, has been made. It is planned to return to Linde 9 at the end of the year.


New grinding machine for Weldon flats in use

The Weldon flats are now once again ground by ourselves - this means that we can guarantee you immediate access to solid carbide tools with HB clamping flat. And we can ensure that you only receive the quality you expect from us.


After firing: 90 % ability to deliver

Since we have now reached 90 % of our delivery capacity we are your number 1 contact when it comes to precision tools. With the HSS milling tools, we will achieve the same delivery capability as usual within the next few weeks.


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