Our Services

Professional technical advice
Our extensive range leaves nothing to be desired. To make sure you get the tool that best suits your specific machining task or material, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you with further information on suitability, fields of application, cutting values etc.

Bespoke one-off solutions
Your efficiency and the optimum design of all machining processes are at the top of our game. Standard tools do not always provide the results you expect. In close cooperation with you, we develop individual special solutions to ensure flexibility and provide you with the required tooling solution according to your specific needs. In case of highly demanding manufacturing jobs, we pay closer attention to the development process and consider important factors that might have an impact. This is our way to ensure that you will not have to adapt your requirements to the tool but receive the right tool suitable for your special machining job.

Regrinding service
Precision tools are in constant use and are expected to deliver the highest possible performance. For efficient use of your tools we often recommend regrinding them instead of buying new ones. For this purpose, we offer you a professional regrinding service for your worn tools. We regrind every tool whether they are drills, end mills and trochoidal end mills or burs - no matter of which manufacturer. We check every order and decide whether reprocessing is worthwhile. Your tools will be returned to you with original grinding and, if coated, including coating within 10 working days.

For detailed information and prices please refer to our regrinding brochure (currently only available in German)